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About us

We - that are my husband Jürgen, our son Christoph and me, Claudia.

Our home is in Kirchheim, in the beautiful Waldhessen one of the most forested areas in Germany. My husband and I had dogs since childhood and since 1995, we are enthusiastic Rhodesian Ridgeback owners.

Zuritamu Kisura, our first Rhodesian Ridgeback dog came to us when our Pekinese was 12 years old and both had two wonderful years together. As our Pekinese Yen Tai passed away, we thought that it would be nice to continue with two dogs and so another dog, Zuritamu Majani, from Kisura’s breeder came to us.

Both bitches were very pretty and so we began to exhibit both of them; they both had great success and they enjoyed presenting themselves in the ring. The two also had success in family companion dog and companion dog exams and competitions and they loved long walks in the woods and meadows and our vacations in the mountains and the sea.

As Kisura unfortunately passed away in 2005, our current dog Akina Furusha Chiara came to us after some time and later as Majani was overextended with the young bitch, Zvishoma bva Merten Ebo Etana joined us.

Both bitches were exhibited a few times and also judged excellently in Germany and abroad, but they didn’t really enjoy it. Therefore, we withdrawed from exhibition life and enjoyed life with the dogs and the walks in the meadows and forests in Waldhessen and both did scents with a lot of fun. Unfortunately Etana passed away much so soon at the age of 4 years because of an inoperable brain tumor. Chiara and we mourned but soon we decided, mainly because of her, for a second dog. By this time the breeder of the first two Rhodesian Ridgeback bitches had a very interesting litter with her ​​dog from Africa Vignons Zarina and Zuritamu Ukuru, a dog from their line.

On 21st wedding anniversary I received Zuritamu Izulu as a gift from my husband and he came to us end of May 2011. Our herd now consists of us, the two Rhodesian Ridgebacks and two Maine Coon cats. Izulu developed greatly; living and working with him is just plain fun. He is the perfect show dog and loves to show up in the ring and has no aggression towards other males. He is a typical "will to please" dog.

On the following pages, we would like to specify our Rhodesian Ridgebacks, visitors are always welcome.

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