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Izulu Description

Izulu was born on 26.03.2011 in the kennel Zuritamu. Mother is a bitch from South Africa Ch. Vignons Zarina of Zuritamu , Father Ch. Zuritamu Ukuru . He came to us in May 2011, and has developed greatly . Every day is a real pleasure . He is always happy in the ring and in obedience and he always tries to make everything right. Izulu is a friendly, open-minded male who has a high threshold towards conspecifics and humans. The typical "Will to please " dog. He is fond of children and a cuddly family dog, ​​who is still playful. His daily hours of playing with our Rhodesian Ridgeback Chiara are a must. The name Izulu comes from the Zulus , the great warriors in Southern Africa. The "I" before the name means "The Zulu " , the greatest of the great warriors .

Mother: Zarina Vignons of Zuritamu
Father: Zuritamu Ukuru
Breeding license : RRCD
Size : 69, 5
Weight: 44.5 kg
Den: strong bone structure , excellent muscling , masculine , expressive male head
Color : red- wheaten
Nose leather : black
Complete scissor bite
HD and OCD ( shoulders and elbows ) : Free

Judgement of U. Ralfe (SA) from 28.04.2013 representative for many judgements:
"Great, impressing male dog, balanced in every respect, quite great head, front and back very well angled, great topline with correct peak, very well closed paws, expansive treads, impressively in every respect, red-wheaten, correct ridge, complete scissors."